Our bartenders mix the perfect cocktails, bright and crisp with just a hint of sweetness; expertly crafted with the finest ingredients from small producers dedicated to quality.

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We serve coffee roasted by Pacific Espresso. Our tea is provided by Silk Road and Imperial Tea Court, two purveyors of handpicked China tea. Ask your server for a tea recommendation — and to learn about the traditions of serving and drinking tea.

Our wine list reflects our commitment to and relationships with ecologically minded individuals who understand stewardship, clean farming and balance. We look for wines with higher acid and lower alcohol that complement the full array of our cuisine in all it's complexity, spice and vibrancy. This not only includes crisp, mineral-laden dry wines and evocative off-dry Rieslings but also aged wines from our cellar and exciting finds from fantastic local winemakers.

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*** You are welcome to bring wine in to the restaurant. Our corkage fee is $35/bottle and $65/magnum. There is a 2-750ml bottle maximum.